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SBEmu: Reforged in Flame - Open Beta

zenjah, Sep 9, 14 12:29 PM.

"Call your allies. Forge your alliances. Form your plans. Ready yourselves. Soon, it'll be time to Play to Crush."

SBEmu: Reforged in Flame

Open Beta launches on the 19th of September!

I'm looking forward to trying their new "Lore on ARAC" system.  Not everyone will love the tinkering they are doing with Shadowbane, but I welcome the changes.  I'd rather a "living" Shadowbane than a reanimated "undead" Shadowbane.


Shadowbane Emulator's Beta is now Open

zenjah, Mar 22, 14 11:26 AM.
Anyone who registers on the SBEmu forums can now play.

Shadowbane Emulator Public Preview - December 13th, 2013

zenjah, Dec 12, 13 7:45 PM.
This one-week preview will last from Friday the 13th of December until the 20th.

The announcement can be found here.

Update: Server is now up.

SBEmu Public Preview - October 12th, 2013

zenjah, Oct 4, 13 12:11 PM.

On October 12th, SBEmu will be hosting a public game preview! That's right, anyone can join in!

Come see how far the game has come, and help us test the load capacity of our servers.

Connecting to SBEmu

First, make sure that you have a patched Shadowbane client.

Next, you have to tell the client to connect to a different server. Access your server reference file by going into the Shadowbane directory's "Config" folder. Open the file "ArcaneIP.cfg" file with notepad, and make sure the information inside looks like the following:

PORT= 6000

Then save the file, and you are all ready! You will be able to log in using your forum login ID and password on October 12th.

Run sb.exe to play, not shadowbane.exe.


    Q: What map will be used?
    A: This preview will be on the Aerynth map.

    Q: What has changed since before?
    A: A lot! Many of the old, annoying bugs you experienced on the last preview are fixed. Combat is extremely stable. You can also form your own guild and build it a city!

    Q: How long do we get to play?
    A: We are planning on just one week

    Q: What if I want to play after the preview?
    A: Apply to become a closed beta tester here. We will also be holding many events and contests that award closed beta invitations. Stay tuned!

More Info

Please keep an eye on this announcement. We will post any preview-related news under this post.

Thank you!

DarkFall Reboot Nov 2012 !

Rutaq_Lambslayer, Oct 5, 12 12:01 PM.
Darkfall is being rebooted and re-released as a new game with new skill systems, quasi-classes and tons of other changes.


·         Massive Land and Naval PvP Battles: Thousands of players can participate simultaneously in wars and sieges on land and sea, in real-time, on a single server.

·         A Huge, Seamless World: The world of Agon is a large open world that consists of both land and water and gives the freedom to players to uncover its hidden secrets.

·         Flexible Roles: Choose role at will, switching from meat shield to master mage to benevolent healer. Players can switch between roles, skills, spells, and ability boosters on the fly. Develop your skills in all roles and experience the game in a multitude of different ways over time or specialize in a single role and be the one your friends depend on to fulfill that calling.

·         Full Loot: You keep what you kill. Players can loot all of the goods from a slain enemy, and vice versa.

Players can affect the fabric of the game world, constructing and fortifying cities across Agon and building empires that last as long as they can defend them

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